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Tees Maar Khan is an upcoming State movie made in message of Farah Khan. Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif are performing the conduce roles and you can see Akshaye Khanna in a cameo persona.

Akshay Khanna and Katrina Kaif are again future unitedly in this movie for the seventh abstraction. Farah Khan is forthcoming up with this film triplet age after the success of Om Shanti Om. It is unsurprising to regain big diversion book and proceeding comedy in the wrapping and group are hoping that the film present be chockful of fun.

In this pic also, Farah followed her stylemark sort of star's primary quality. Akshaye Khanna is forthcoming in a salient part and Salman Khan is doing an fact strain alongside Akshay and Katrina. Indigotin Kapoor and Alteration Khanna are also sharing primary pretending in the film.

The movie is virtually a great criminal titled Tees Maar Khan whose reference is played by Akshay Kumar. He steals and cheats grouping and is a real manly and shameless guy. Domain and personnel were on the toes of his ring comprises of Burger, Salt and Symbol. One day, Johri Brothers who were worldwide passe smugglers tally allotted him the biggest strain of his experience. The job was to rob the antiques of 500 crores from the vibratory instruct. His lover, Anya who is a Screenland superstar helps him in completing the extend. To mate that the crew gets success in his extend or not, you must view the flick as shortly as it comes to your nearest theater halls.

This film is a co-production of Farah and Shirish Kunder's Three's Fellowship of and Hari Om Productions of Akshay Kumar. Punishment of the movie is done by Vishal Shekhar and script is backhand by supply coordination of Shirish Kundar and Ashmit Kundar.

Predicted supply date of this film is 24th Dec 2010.